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Meet  Our Singers


Queens Sing Story

Before Queens Sing, there was a talented woman who had a daughter just as talented. They were constantly asked to sing for occasions and at events wherever they went. As time went by, that daughter grew up and went on to study classical and jazz music, which the mother was already professionally trained in. Although apart, they both continued to touch lives through music at venues such as The Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, Camden Yards, The Xfinity Center, and more.


Wanting to spread their talents even further, Queens Sing was created. Queens Sing offers clients and venues vocalists whose repertoires expand in many genres of music. Offering individual, duo, and small group performances for any occasion. All vocalist have extensive musical training, and will serve quality music for your important event. 

Whether a wedding, birthday, or just because, Queens Sing is there to be your royal songstress!

Meet Our Singers


Taylor J. Washington

 Founder of Queens Sing, Taylor is a classically trained singer who also excels in Jazz, Pop, R&B, and Musical Theatre.


Patricia Washington

Patricia excels in gospel, classical, and traditional music.

What People Are Saying About

Queens Sing

The Links, Incorporated Ft. Lauderdale Chapter 

 I LOVED IT...Loved them and we will use them again. Thank you for such a different and wonderful experience.


I received queen sings song gram from a friend and it was absolutely amazing. It was so awesome because one of the songs was my favorites and I couldn’t stop myself from singing along. It made my entire day and I had to share with those around me because I felt every single person needs to have at least one song sang to them so personally as a gift. Especially if you can’t sing like me.

Rosalyn M.

"Thank you sooo much for my B’day Queens Sing a Gram! It was absolutely Awesome Sauce" 

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