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Q. What exactly is a singing telegram?

A. A singing telegram is a customized, in-person or virtual message delivery performance that is royally unforgettable. It is more than just a quick song. It is an interactive musical act. You choose the Queen of your choice and she will come with a special song(s) and message fit for the occasion, interacting with the recipient and the crowd. They pose for pictures, and deliver a card with a special message from you, as well as balloons. No matter the occasion we'll make sure the act is tasteful and one to remember!


Q.Can I send a singing telegram for any occasion?

A. You can send a singing telegram for just about any occasion! Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, weddings, promotions, holidays, retirement parties, get-well-soon, just because, or even an apology. If you can send a greeting card, you can send a singing telegram. We are happy to deliver but as Queens we don’t deliver angry or inappropriate telegrams. Our singing telegrams are family friendly.

Q. How long is the performance?

A. Singing telegrams are usually around 10 minutes in length. Depending on the Queen, and how interactive the audience and honoree are, they could be a little longer or a little shorter. We do make sure your honoree gets the full royal treatment.


Q,What songs do the Queens Sing? Can I request a song?

A. The Queens specialize songs based off of the information about the recipient and the occasion. They also sing well- known songs such as "Happy Birthday" or "For He's a Jolly Good Fellow." For an additional fee and enough notice, you can request a song(s)


Q. Where can you do a singing telegram?

A. We go to all types of places: homes, offices, restaurants, community centers, nursing homes, schools, etc. Please make sure that you have permission from the establishment (especially schools and restaurants) and that there’s a contact person on-site for the performer. 


Q.How does the entertainer find the recipient?

A. The contact person on site is our go-to for coordinating and finding the recipient once arriving.In the event that you can't provide a contact person, such as if we are surprising a person at home alone, then we will need you to make sure the person will be home at the given time and we will ring the doorbell. Some telegram senders have told the recipient that a package is coming and they need to be home to accept it. You can add a note in the order form for any special delivery instructions.


Q.Where do you serve?

A. Virtually, anywhere there is an internet connection. Physically we serve anywhere between DC and Baltimore, Maryland.

Q.What is the Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy?

A. We recognize that sometimes plans change and we will do our best to be flexible. That said, we do need to honor that our entertainers are professionals and are in demand. When the entertainers accept a booking, they block their schedules, and that means that they aren’t available at that time for other bookings.

  • Up until the night before, you can make changes to the location. Up until an hour before, you can make changes to the contact person

  • With 48+ hours notice, rescheduling and cancellation is possible, with no fee. Please note if changing the date or time, we will do our best, but we cannot guarantee availability.

  • Up until 48 hours  before the event you can:

    • Reschedule the same Queen for no fee, for any time the character is available.

    • Cancel with no cancellation fee

  • With less than 48  hours notice, you can:

    • Reschedule the same Queen for a small fee, for any time the character is available.

    • Pay a 50% character cancellation fee to cancel. 

    • Cancel with 50 % refund 

Less than 24 hours notice, you can:

    • Pay a 50% character cancellation fee to cancel. 

    • Cancel with no refund 


Q. What is your tipping policy? 

A. Just like with any other service, tipping is voluntary. Most people give a 15-20% gratuity, but again, it’s up to your discretion. You are also free to tip in person with cash or add it to your final balance. 100% of your tip will go to the Queen.


Q. Do the entertainers bring their own equipment? 

A. The Queens perform Acapella, so they don’t require any special equipment. If you have a really large crowd and want everyone to be able to hear, we recommend that you provide a microphone for the Queen. You can request accompaniment but you will need to provide the sound system for the track. Some characters do have props to make their act extra fun, and we always bring balloons and a card with your special message to deliver to the recipient.

Q. Will the performer and costume be exactly as pictured?                                                           

A. When you book with Queens Sing, what you see is what you get. The photos of the Queens are their actual outfits. Occasionally there might be slight differences (a different hairstyle.) but you can rest assured that you’re getting the person you saw online.

Q. Can the Queen bring flowers, balloons, or other add-ons?

A. Absolutely! Balloons and a card are already included but you can add flowers or have the Queen present your gifts or cake. Almost anything you like so long as you or the contact person give the item to the Queen when they arrive.

Q.Can I take photos or video of the performance?

A. Of course! We would love for you to post them online and tag us! @queenssing. You can also send them to us at and be featured on our page. 

Q. Can I have two or more entertainers perform together?

A. Absolutely! For an extra fee you can request more than one Queen.

Q. How do I make changes to an order?

A. Feel free to email us and if it is 24 hours before the event,, give us a call. If you need to make a scheduling change, our ability to accommodate depends on the Queens availability. Please see our rescheduling and cancellation policy for more details.

Still not seeing your answer? Contact us at!

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